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She's been keeping those children behind closed doors for years,
Fear of losing them someday was the reason, my dears.
She treats the kids kindly and loves them a bunch,
But the Spookies will never look forward to lunch.
Spider soup, spider bread - spider cake makes her drool,
Try explaining that menu to the kids in your school!

The Matron

"Little is clear about the rotund matriarch of the Pugwash Orphanage known only as "The Matron." She appears to be quite strict with the strange children in her care but they love her dearly. Local authorities have asked them but they do not wish to leave the decrepit building under the bridge that they have called home for the last five years. Many citizens of Pugwash would like to see this woman put in jail for hiding her "Spookies," as they are beginning to be called, away from the outside world for all this time. The children, while undeniably odd, appear healthy and well educated and will therefore be allowed to stay under the cold, watchful eye of Pugwash's newest mystery woman.

-Chauncy Grimes, The Pugwash Gazette

-Courtesy of  The Pugwash Gazette