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He'll whistle his way through a whole afternoon,
But he'll never talk to you, so dig the cool tune.
A man of few words he'll just listen all day,
But if he gets excited he'll have something to say.
The lights will go out and a spotlight will shine,
But the message is music - he'll just sing the whole time.


"While examining the children after their discovery, local physicians were especially worried about the dapper little boy called "Chops." Doctors and police questioned him for an hour without ever receiving a verbal response of any kind. The boy pointed, shrugged, nodded and shook his head - whistling a tune the entire time but but never uttered a single, solitary word.
The doctors assumed he was mute and couldn't speak so they asked The Matron if this was indeed the case. She laughed and told them to wait until he got really excited about something. Intrigued, one of the police officers took a candy bar out of his pocket and gave it to Chops. Suddenly, all of the lights in the station turned off and a bright spotlight hit him.

-Chauncy Grimes, The Pugwash Gazette

-Courtesy of  The Pugwash Gazette